The Bride and Bloom Difference

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-THE FLOWERS- We only use flowers of the highest quality. We never use “discounted flowers” that may have been sitting around for more than a week, yuck! We offer flowers from all over the world. There is a huge difference in flower quality depending on where it was grown. We always choose the healthiest and freshest flowers; even though they are not the cheapest. We also offer eco-friendly flowers that are grown locally in the coastal regions of California.

-THE STUDIO- We work from a design studio—not a flower shop. This means every single flower is fresh, not “left over” from the store. Your flowers are hand selected for your event. In a design studio, we are able to give our full attention to creating artistic bouquets and arrangements for your wedding. We are never rushed to get to “other orders” like birthday balloons and teddy bears.

-THE EXPERIENCE- Your flowers are arranged by artists—yes, artists! Bride and Bloom’s owner, Amy, oversees every single detail of the flower arrangements. Everyone involved in creating the flowers for your event has formal art or design training. We have an eye for design and impeccable taste.

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